Abandoned, orphaned and children in crisis have nowhere to go for long term help in San Felipe. Currently, in addition to our children we have every day, we are working with DIF and the Justice Dept. to provide temporary short term shelter for abused wives and abandoned children before they are sent to Mexicali. Since there are never enough spots for children in orphanages or homes, they wait in a holding facility (albergue) for placement.

Members of the San Felipe community, friends in the United States and Canada, and organizations like Rotary Club and Lions Club are helping to make this much-needed facility a first step to help the children in our community.

We need help!
We have been asked for a list of things we need and here it is.
Needs List      
  •    Prayers for the children
  •    Bulk Rice and Beans
  •    #3 Diapers
  •    Costco toilet paper and paper towels
  •    Cleaning solutions: Floor Cleaner, Disinfectant- Lysol
  •    Moisturizing Lotion for Children


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        1. Bill & Lupita, we are so excited to hear about your new boys dorm. We will keep you guys & the kids in our prayer & that you may be blessed with all your needs :) We are planning our trip down from San Diego this year on Thurs September 18th & will do my best to accommodate from your list above. Thank you Bill & Lupita for giving these kids your nurturing love
          Steve & Lillian Schleif