Thursday, February 20, 2014

We started the boy’s home

With the help of people like Charley from Alaska, Pastor Tim Howie, Thom, Dennis, Chester and Doug from Maine, Brian from Canada and Frank and John from here in Baja we started construction with pouring our slab for our boy’s home.            
 We’ll have room for 14 boys in the dormitory and with the help of Steve, Tammy, Kenneth and Ruth we have enough to put up the structure with doors and windows. As always, in talking with people and old suppliers from construction we are also getting parts and pieces which make it easier to get the project done. It always amazes me how the Lord pulls together all of the pieces He needs to get his works done. It was a blessed day having everyone work together to make room for support of 14 more children here in Baja.
Last Dec. our washing machine died. In January Lupita was very frustrated having to take all of the laundry to our house to use the machine in our house.
On Jan. 16th Robert from the Cuates group who has blessed us for the last 2 years came to coordinate times for us to meet them when they arrived on the Malecon on the 18th. At the end of our meeting he casually mentioned that someone had donated a washing machine that they would be bringing down on that Sat. and did we have a use for it, not knowing about the situation we were in. Lupita started crying and later told me that she had had a small melt-down that morning and how she was humbled to have Him take care of the situation for us. A great lesson in patience and trusting in Him.
It has been an extremely busy month, that’s why we haven’t been in touch sooner. Jose and Alejandra are no longer with us and it makes it hard to get everything done with just the 2 of us. We are asking everyone we know that if someone is looking for a foreign mission to serve the Lord, we are open to having someone come and help. We have facilities for them to stay in, we can pay a stipend and there is no expense except to get here and whatever you buy in town.
Thank you all for your support and help. God Bless you all.