Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God is good, always!

We were blessed this last Sat. with donations from a group of off-road riders who make an annual ride from Mexicali to San Felipe in memorial of Robert Uribe’s brother’s in law. They were twins who both succumbed to leukemia in their 20’s. One of them used to ride with Robert to San Felipe off road just for fun on a weekend and he wanted to remember him with this ride. Robert said that the first year he did it he had 4-5 riders. This year they had over 250. This is the 2nd year they have helped us and we are glad to have them as friends and to be associated with such a good cause.
Josue and Rita are getting settled in and we are all getting used to the new arrangements and schedules. It’s a blessing to have them and their incredible daughters here with us, they are an example of what a humble, respectful young lady should be and it is already having an effect. It is nice to see our girls start to emulate them.
We were lucky to have a piano donated to us by Donna today. Like she said, it’s not in perfect condition but for us it’s like a Steinway. The girls are in awe and can’t wait to take lessons and, of course, be able to play the piano in a really short amount of time. We all know it’s something you just pick up, right?
Thank you all for your gifts and donations, they are a true blessing for us. Whether its toys, clothes, food, tires, cash or some of all, it makes a huge difference to us. We are now able to have new tires on our Suburban, have needed repairs done on our vehicles, take the kids to the doctor for the ever present San Felipe hack we all get this time of year, and on and on. God blesses us through you all and we couldn’t do what we do without Him or you.
God Bless

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