Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary Baby

Not many people will remember this but on Nov. 2, 2010 we received our first 3 children from DIF, Alejandra, Perla and Rosita. Several days later we were given Amanda who had just turned 2 yrs old. It was an eventful learning experience getting comfortable with the girls and establishing a family environment for them to grow in. We have had many things happen along the way, especially this year, but God has had His hand on us and we are doing what we do one day at a time. We couldn’t do this without your help and support so this really is a celebration for you and what you have accomplished with us. We will be taking the girls to the Shrimp Festival here in town to celebrate the anniversary and birthday amongst ourselves if nothing else.

With the holidays coming up I have been asked to broach a subject I haven’t really talked about before. We are always happy when groups or individuals come and share clothes and toys with the girls. They are always very happy to see you all and to receive your gifts, especially the food. Consequently we have a LOT of clothes and toys but we are in need of other things like gasoline, propane, electricity, medicine; things that take cash. We have never asked for money outright or given you amounts for donations for things, but we have received enough things for the girls for Christmas already that they will not need anything else and will still have much more than many kids here in town. If for this Christmas you could take the amount you were going to use for the girls and make it a donation to Casa de Fe we can use it for other things that they need. You can either mail it to us or to 99+1 Ministries if you need a tax receipt (just put Casa de Fe in the memo space). Thanks for understanding.
Wedding plans are being finalized; we will let you know where. The date will be Dec. 15th here in San Felipe.

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