Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It’s been a busy month.

We started the month by formalizing our board with John and Bonnie Gilbert of 99+1 Ministries and our Pastor Cesar Sanchez and his wife Rebecca accepting formal positions on the Casa de Fe board. It’s reassuring to have people you can trust and that have San Felipe experience to be able to advise you. One of the things we discussed and unanimously agreed upon was the need to develop a reliable income stream. God has always provided for us with everything we have needed but He also wants everyone to be good stewards and be able to be more self-sufficient. We have decided to put the boy’s home on hold and to develop a child care center to bring in steady income. I will be putting a detailed information page on our website to let everyone know the costs and income possibilities, but it will give us a good financial base to allow us to plan our growth more responsibly. We are also baking custom breads and cakes to sell here in San Felipe so if you need or want something come see us here at Casa de Fe or the El Dorado swap meet on Saturdays.
We are excited to let everyone know that Lupita and I were married this summer.
After many independent long prayer sessions, with both of us saying “really God, are you serious???”, and talking with our pastor separately without the other knowing, we were affirmed that we were put together for a reason. We are definitely committed to Casa de Fe and the girls we have. As with many parents there are days we look at each other and think “what were we thinking”, but we see the changes in the girls and the way God is working in their lives and it is all worth it. We are having a church wedding on Dec. 15th and everyone is invited. We will have the details firmed up and will let everyone know when and where as it gets closer.
We want to thank everyone who has been here to visit and for the donations that always seem to come right when they are needed. It is always a life saver to have His help. Seeing Him working with and through you all is thrilling to witness.

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