Monday, September 24, 2012

Rosa’s B-day Party

Thanks to Alejandro, Mike, Gonzo and way too many to name, we had a huge party for Rosa’s 6th birthday. This is the 3rd time we have had this awesome group come down from Mexicali and Imperial County to celebrate with us. We had met Alejandro in Costco in Mexicali and he remembered the “princess”, Rosa. One thing led to another and this group of philanthropic off roaders put together this awesome party. They brought a piñata, good food and a lot of presents and clothes for all of the kids to enjoy. We were also blessed to have them bring food and things for the house as well. It was an eye opener for the new girls, they had not been exposed to a large group of such nice people who just wanted to have a good time and help others.

 The Center for Cultural Arts here in San Felipe contacted us last week to tell us they are offering us 3 scholarships for the older girls to take folkloric dancing. We had gone to a book presentation with all of the girls and because they were impressed with them being so well behaved they were moved to give the girls a chance to be involved. It makes a difference to the older girls to be recognized like this; they are not used to being viewed and treated this way.

We are going to be at the El Dorado swap meet again this year, but we’ll be selling custom breads and cakes to raise awareness of the house and help raise a little money. We are constantly blessed by everyone when they bring us food items and things from our Needs List. We know that God will provide all of the things we need and doing things like the swap meet helps us to get in front of people to let you all know what is happening in our little world.

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