Sunday, August 12, 2012

What a Summer

It has been an eventful summer here. We swelled to 13 children with emergency placements coming and going for the last few months, one of them was an 11 yr old girl with 2 brothers, 16 months and 5 months old that was with us for a couple of weeks. They just went home this week with many tears from everybody. It makes it all worthwhile when the grandparents take the time to personally thank us for the help. We didn’t expect to have this influx; it has taken a toll on our supplies. We have been hiding in the house for most of the summer, watching movies, studying school and scripture and basically trying to make it until now.
We are starting to get ready for the girls to go to school. This year we will have 7 girls going from kinder to the 6th grade and luckily we have some supplies and uniforms stored; but not near enough for everyone.  It is always a scramble to get everyone ready, but we are praying for help along the way. The owner of La Vaquita III was very generous in donating backpacks for school. This helped a lot.

We were blessed to have the groups come from Canada this summer. They were both fun groups and it was nice to have them here to help. More importantly for me, it gave us a perspective from new eyes. We get so caught up in the day to day challenges sometimes we lose sight of the goal. Our girls can be challenging but they need a lot of help to break the life cycles that brought them here.
Lupita and I are looking forward to everyone coming back after the summer. Without your help we would not be able to do the things needed to help them. We are reminded daily that we are a team effort and none of this could happen without His help as well as all of yours. Many times that comes in the form of a smile and a hug. Lupita is a lot more huggable than me, but I like smiles
Look for our photo page soon.

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