Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Blessings continue / Thanks Rotary!!

We were blessed to have the San Felipe Rotary Club step up and donate monies for the cost of the uniforms for our children. We would have had a much harder time if it weren’t for the Rotary Organization here and in the US. They have been behind us from the beginning and have always asked how they can help. From helping to build or the grants and donations that they have blessed us with, Rotary has by far been an angel watching over us. 
We were actually given an additional girl for the school year after we had given Rotary an amount we would need, but true to His word Mike and Tina came that day and donated enough to cover the extra uniform we didn’t expect. I am always amazed in His timing.
Today I was getting ready to go to La Vaquita for the Wed. discount vegetables and fruit when some gals from the Better Together in Christ group came and delivered veggies and some fruit, actually a little more than we had planned to buy.

To all of you that have helped us with food donations know that no matter what we receive, it all makes a difference to us. We use it all. This year we were donated a bread making machine and as some of you know we have been making bread that is to die for. We are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible, so cooking large batches of stuff to freeze or baking our own bread is good for us. We are now using large amounts of flour and sugar, but it’s all good.
It has been a challenge getting the older girls settled in school. 4 days before school was to start someone broke into the school at night and stole the electrical wiring for the air conditioning for 9 of the 12 classrooms. They did the same at a Kindergarten school close by as well. For us it extended the vacation by 2 weeks for all but the 1st grader, they didn’t want to have the first year for the young ones spoiled. Amanda, Florecita and Rosa are excited about Kinder here in the Ejido. It’s nice to have the kids excited about going to school.
We’re looking forward to having everyone come by when you come back. Maybe we’ll have some fresh bread for you. Call us a couple of days ahead and we’ll see what we can do.
God Bless

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