Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rotary Came to the Rescue!!

Last week Dr. T from the Clayton Valley Rotary came and presented us with $500+ dollars donated by the club members to make up for most of our losses from our burglary. It was a definite blessing from out of the blue.
We also received an ice maker from Tia Bert. This will absolutely be in use this summer, we cannot keep up with making ice in the trays we have and buying ice is a luxury we cannot afford.
On advice from our Pyscologist we had to divert funds from our second home to make a room to separate some of our older girls. We would rather make accommodations in the home rather than send someone back. Most behaviour problems can be corrected with time and love if you are willing to suffer through the bad times. It took enough away from the fund that we have to wait on donations to continue. We need another $2000 to be able to put the entire roof on and we are going to be praying hard for this to come soon. We were talking with our social worker from DIF today about taking in 3-4 babies to fill the house and she had a lot more boys than girls to choose from. They are definitely anxious for us to complete the boys home. We have decided to take in babies to alleviate some of the problems the older children bring with them, but babies come with their own baggage as well. Mostly effects from the mothers behaviours while pregnant. We are going to have 2 more Tias coming to Casa de Fe in Sept with a years commitment to help with the new children, that will be a blessed relief. Hopefully they will be staying on after they get to know and love the kids like we do.
School is over the first wek in July and we are looking at various classes being offered here in San Felipe for the different ages. If anyone is interested in helping us with the costs please give us an email and we will let you know what we have found.
God Bless, have a good summer. Come and see us if you are down, you are always welcome to visit.

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