Friday, May 11, 2012

We were robbed today!!

At 7:30 this morning we had someone break into our rear gate and start loading things from our storage room in the back. Only because we had a worker doing some maintenance did we know they were there, as soon as they were discovered they scurried away like the rats they are. I have spent all day dealing with the Misiterio Publico ( the local DA) who were all incredibly professional .
We lost about $750 in computers we were saving for the boys home and tools that we were using to do work here on the property. The most important thing to Lupita and me is the loss of security for the girls. We have worked hard to make this a safe place to forget their old life and this is working to bring it back. We just had the police come to the house to let us know they are implementing a system of patrol with a signed log to let us know that they are going to be here. This will also help the patrol problem here in the Ejido as well. Praise God!
Pray for us. The attack today only enforces to us that we are doing the right thing and it only makes us more determined.

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