Monday, March 26, 2012

It’s been a fun 2 weeks!!

We have been selling tickets like crazy and I hope there are enough for everyone. We are filling up our fundraiser for Wed. the 28th at the Pavilion and it going to be a great time for everyone.

Last week I sent out an email to some people I know asking for help and we were hugely blessed by DJ & Lynette at Door of Faith. They arranged to have Rachel come over from their staff for a month to help Lupita and me until we can find some more people to help staff the house. Carol & I would stay at the house on Lupitas day off. I can’t stay there by myself so we need to find someone to fill in and stay here at night with Lupita. Rachel is great with the girls and is already a valuable asset for us.

We had a “pre-party” event with some friends from Mexicali, Calexico and El Centro who came down for a fun time with all of us at Casa de Fe. Miguel and everyone came down to spend time with the girls and serve us a lunch that never stopped. We had hamburgers, carne asada, hot links that were too hot for the kids and all of the trimmings to go with it. It was fun hanging out with everyone and we’re hoping to make it an ongoing event here at the house. They brought some really nice clothes for the girls, had a HUGE piñata and made us all feel special. The girls had a great time and Tia, Rachel & I enjoyed hanging with everyone and getting a break with some adult time. It was also very cool seeing these tough off road guys melt when the baby was passed around and they ended holding her longer than the ladies. Life is good.

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