Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank You All

     We want to thank everyone that joined us at Los Arcos on Sunday. Cliff and Susie put on a great brunch and it was great to see everyone that came. Cliff and Susie have been friends of Casa de Fe from the first day we received the girls.
    We have people who have donations in San Francisco and Henderson, Nv that have donations. If you are from or are going through those areas and are coming down to San Felipe please let us know.
     I also want to thank someone who helped us out a couple of weeks ago. Robert emailed me months ago and said he wanted to help us with his Off-road group from Mexicali and Calexico. I told him we would be appreciative for any help and what could we do to help him. He said when it came closer he would let me know. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of months but true to his word he called and we made arrangements to meet on Sat. afternoon on the Malecon for a ceremony to present us with a “small donation”. What they had there was enough to fill the back of our Suburban and we were very happy with this. We met a lot of good people and enjoyed their fun of riding off road from Mexicali to San Felipe. The surprise was the next day when 5-6 groups of riders who had finished later than the ceremony came by the Casa. We made a lot of new friends and were overwhelmed with the donations that they brought. It was enough to supplement us for a good 3-4 weeks. To me the important lesson was how easy it is to help when a lot of people each do what they can, no matter how large or small.
     All of you are the reason we are able to help these girls. From the first person who donated for our septic system, to the people who come to help with the girls during the day, to the people who donate food, to the people who sponsor needs on a monthly basis. We are blessed by you all. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gonna Have Some Football!!

We are having a Sunday Football Playoff Brunch at Los Arcos Restaurant on Sunday, Jan. 22nd. You can see either or both games, have a fun time with your friends and spend the day seeing who is going to the Super Bowl. Cliff is putting on one of his sumptuous brunches and at $10.00 or $130.00 pesos it’s a deal for all. Bring all of your friends. We will have tickets at the El Dorado swap meet, Los Arcos Restaurant, Sunrunner Mail and at Casa de Fe. If you want to come by the Casa for tickets please call 576-0379.
Last week Lupita was sick for the whole week. I was staying at the house at night helping Carol with the new baby that came just before Christmas. I have an immense respect for Moms who have young kids, especially if they have more than one. Luckily Lupita is doing well, has returned and we are developing a new system to take care of the younger kids.
We are now sheltering a 15 year old who needed temporary help. We have had a running agreement with the Ministerio Publico ( Local Mexican District Attorney) and Local DIF to open our Casa for emergency help since the summer and have had many children as well as abused mothers who have stayed here for 1 night or up to a week. This has made our project of a second home for boys a priority. Please see our Progress page for more information.
Thanks to everyone who was able to bring down things from our needs list, it is great to meet with you and we have met many new friends who have been told about us this year. Thank you so much for your help; it really makes a big difference to have you on our team helping the girls.