Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

The girls had a great Christmas thanks to the generosity of all our family/supporters. Special thanks to all of you that brought food and the delicious baked goods to Casa de Fe. Santa really enjoyed what little goodies that were not gobbled up by the girls. Ho Ho Ho
We had a very special Christmas gift the Monday before Christmas. Her name is Ronny and she is a tiny little girl, 16 months old. This is her first experience of life outside the Albergue (DIF orphanage) in Mexicali and she is taking it all in with enthusiasm. All of the girls are enthralled with her, especially Amanda since she isn’t the baby anymore.
The girls go back to school next week so the program will go back to somewhat normal. They have been studying while on vacation; each of their teachers gave them a good week’s worth of homework to do, I think to give the parents a good chance to get involved with their education. I must say that the schools here really encourage and sometimes demand that the parents accept responsibility for the kid’s studies.

Please check our needs list as a couple of things have changed with our new baby arriving. Some of you have asked for a revised list since you are coming back from family visits and would like to get some things on your way back. We are humbled by your generosity and thankful to have you in our lives helping the girls we have and the children we will be getting in the future.
We are getting things ready to continue construction on our second home which we are planning to open for boys. We have been asked by the State to do this; then we can accept families of children instead of having to separate siblings since we can only accept girls. We have 2 girls here that have brothers in the system that could live with us when we complete the boy’s home. All in His time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have A Very Merry Christmas!!

We wanted to let everyone know about our event at Pete’s Camp this Saturday. Norma is putting out a sumptuous feast for all to enjoy and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.
I was told that in our last newsletter there was a challenge getting to the Want & Christmas lists I had mentioned. I am putting a link to our Needs page in this newsletter to let everyone get to it. Just click on NEEDS and take a look. If you are moved please give Carol an email and coordinate with her so everyone gets “bang for their buck”.
We are getting ready for Christmas and school is winding down for the holidays. I have been shown the blessings in our lives so many times this year and cannot tell you how much we appreciate having you all in our lives. We are here every day and are working with the girls as well as working towards finishing our second home for boys, but none of this would be possible without everyone’s help whether it’s financial, helping here with your time or just smiling and saying hi when we see you around town.
We want to wish everyone a blessed Christmas. God Bless You All.