Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Now we are 5!!!

This is Amanda showing off her new yoga figure
We have something to be very thankful for this year with our new arrival of Gabriella Alejandra. She is a 7 year old bundle of energy and always has a big smile. She fits right in, is always ready to help and is especially helpful with Amanda and Rosita. We are going through the process of getting her enrolled in school and are lucky that she can go to the same school as the older girls. They are really taking to the new school and it seems to be doing them good; they have just received their grades and are doing about 8.5 ( B+ for people my age) between the 2 of them. We haven’t taken any photos yet to give everyone a chance to get acquainted.
We have been excited to see so many of our friends returning to San Felipe and have been blessed with new friends that have come down and found us. We are always excited to meet new friends in town or at the swap meet at El Dorado on Saturdays. We are there every week.
We have been asked to put up a list of needs for Casa de Fe by many of you to make it easier for you to bring things down without having to guess. I’m going to put this out next week to let people have a chance to see what they can choose from. If you have any questions please feel free to email Carol at and she will get back to you as soon as she can.
We are reminded everyday how blessed we are and are so very thankful for being able to help these girls. Our friends still laugh and tell us we’re crazy and some days I strongly agree with them, but seeing them grow and blossom is absolutely worth it.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and God bless.

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