Monday, October 17, 2011

We're having a Party!!!!

We are having our 1 year anniversary on Nov. 3rd at Rumors Restaurant in Playa De Oro from 5pm to 9pm. We are having music by Denny Flannigan and Jeannie is doing a great dinner for us, angel hair pasta with shrimp and penne pasta with chicken. Tickets are on sale around town and also at our booth at the swapmeet in El Dorado on Saturdays. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there to help us celebrate our first year. Our girls were given to us on Nov. 3rd so this day is especially important to us.

We have been very blessed to have the support of the people in our lives. It never fails to amaze me that when you are at the edge of need that is when God blesses you. Last week with Rafael and the Poker Run came at a great time for us. This week our new friends, Lillian & Steve, came to our door looking for people to help. They had come from San Diego looking to help someone and after asking Padre Efrain at the Catholic Church they were directed here, and it only took them over an hour to find us with the various directions people gave them. Never the less their perseverance was a total blessing for us, they stocked us with food that we were in real need of. We were able to visit with them for a couple of hours and we are looking forward to working together in the future. You never know when an angel will come to your door.

The girls are doing great and we are moving them to a new school to help with their studies. It will be a little longer drive, but how many of us have gone out of their way for their children. They are the most important part of the equation.

See you at the party.

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