Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Rosita turned 5 years old. We had a party with the girls and some friends and everyone had a great time. These are some of the rewards that comes from helping others; seeing a little girl enjoy dressing like a princess, sitting in the “special chair” and being the center of the party, eating lasagna and cake for dinner… None of these girls have had this kind of good attention paid to them. One of the coolest things is having them remind the adults that we needed to pray before we all ate dinner.

The girls are getting more adept at riding their bicycles that were donated by Greg McKinney and the guys in Marin County. Perla was able to ride from the beginning, which is good, but we are very proud of Alejandra. She couldn’t ride her bike to save her life when they first arrived. It was like watching the guy on Laugh-in that fell over riding a tricycle. But day by day she kept at it and now she is riding like a champ. She’s not doing tricks but she rides around the house without stopping and can look at someone and talk while riding without falling.

We are getting ready to man our space at the swap meet on Saturdays in El Dorado. We will be selling baked goods, shirts, COSTCO HOTDOGS, and other things as they become available over the months. We are making an effort to get ourselves out in front of the public to increase our mailing list to Mexicans and Foreigners; we are still meeting people in town who don’t know what we are doing with the orphanage. As always we do not want to bother people by constantly asking for donations, but letting people know what we are doing will make it easier for those who want to help when they can.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Time Had By All!

We want to thank Cliff and Suzy White for their help in making our breakfast fundraiser a success. Their incredible menu and organized wait staff made the event flow seamlessly and I think everyone had a great time. We also want to thank the most important part of the event, everyone who came and enjoyed themselves and brought their friends and had a good time. We are planning on having an event like this once a month this year at different locations and different times of the week to make it doable for everyone interested. We want to thank Casey and Sandy for their efforts in selling tickets, Penny & Vanice for helping at the entry table and Barbara for doing both. It’s the support from everyone that makes this a success. We raised enough money to cover some bills, pay our indispensible house Tia, Lupita, buy some shoes from the shoe donation box and stock up on some food. It’s all good.

With the help from our Ejido representative Lic. Mariza Villar, our State Diputado Nancy Sanchez and our friend Rafael Navarro, we have obtained a subsidy from the state of Baja to pay our water bill through the end of the year. For us this is a big deal apart from the $50 - $60 dollars a month, this is the first budgetary help we have received from the Mexican government and we appreciate it. We also want to thank everyone who has donated to us this month to help with our electricity bill. As you know, this time of year this becomes our biggest expense and it’s one of those things that are hard to gauge. It is hard to go into the home and see the girls and Lupita melting because they care and are trying to save electricity. These last few weeks it is impossible to not have the A/C on in at least the living room for the day.