Monday, August 8, 2011


It’s been a good summer. The older girls completed their summer program and the kids had a dance and drama show for the parents. They worked very hard at getting the right clothes for the drama “Profesor Don Ramon” and getting the lines right. They also practiced their Hindu dance at home in the evenings. This was a huge blessing for Carol while she was taking care of the kids; it really gave them something to focus on. We go out early in the morning to water the landscaping and just before dark to let the kids run around before they go in for their showers. Thanks to several of our friends we are developing a network of swimming pools to go to on the weekends or evenings. We have 2-3 weeks before the older girls go back to school so we’ll be swimming as much as we can.
TIA IS BACK!!!! Lupita returned on the 29th of July. She had a great time but she confessed she “missed her kids” much of the time. She had a good time with her family, especially her 87 yr old Papa. Like most people though, she needed to rest from her vacation when she got home.
It has been a hot summer and as soon as August came around it has been over 100* everyday, but thankfully not too humid. The bad part about this is having to run the AC. It is on all day & night in the living room & kitchen and the bedrooms at night. We’re holding our breath for the next month’s bill. Since we are charged a commercial rate, last month was over $300 and we only used the AC ½ of the time. We have talked with everyone in charge and there is NO discount for anyone for electricity. We are also going to be buying the every year uniforms and school supplies. We’ve been blessed with people helping with some of the supplies but the uniforms and shoes are something we have to buy again. We are blessed to have you helping us help the girls.

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