Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Breakfast! Come one, come all.

Big breakfast at Los Arcos restaurant this Sunday, Sept. 4th from 7:30 - 11:30. Tickets are $10 and believe me the menu is going to blow your mind, thanks to Cliff at Los Arcos. We are excited so please tell your friends about this and encourage them to purchase their tickets at Sunrunner Mail or the Lemontree Deli beforehand. If they can't then be assured tickets will be available at the door. Do us a BIG favor and bring everyone you know for a great time. You can come either before or after church so don"t worry about missing anything.

The girls are back in school this week and things are getting back to "normal" again. They are happy to be back with their friends and are getting to know their new teachers. We would like to thank Lorna for her special help this week. Bill is out of town working and she is helping Carol deal with a challenge with our Suburban by transporting the girls to school until he gets back. Without the help of our friends here in San Felipe it would be tough. Her help with the girls, the friends that come on Fridays to do crafts and games with the girls, the friends that think of us and bring clothes from their families in the States: it is a huge blessing to have the support that we receive from you and we thank you.

This has been a slim summer and the help we receive will go a long way. We are looking forward to being able to welcome you all and thank you in person for all of your help.

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