Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Breakfast! Come one, come all.

Big breakfast at Los Arcos restaurant this Sunday, Sept. 4th from 7:30 - 11:30. Tickets are $10 and believe me the menu is going to blow your mind, thanks to Cliff at Los Arcos. We are excited so please tell your friends about this and encourage them to purchase their tickets at Sunrunner Mail or the Lemontree Deli beforehand. If they can't then be assured tickets will be available at the door. Do us a BIG favor and bring everyone you know for a great time. You can come either before or after church so don"t worry about missing anything.

The girls are back in school this week and things are getting back to "normal" again. They are happy to be back with their friends and are getting to know their new teachers. We would like to thank Lorna for her special help this week. Bill is out of town working and she is helping Carol deal with a challenge with our Suburban by transporting the girls to school until he gets back. Without the help of our friends here in San Felipe it would be tough. Her help with the girls, the friends that come on Fridays to do crafts and games with the girls, the friends that think of us and bring clothes from their families in the States: it is a huge blessing to have the support that we receive from you and we thank you.

This has been a slim summer and the help we receive will go a long way. We are looking forward to being able to welcome you all and thank you in person for all of your help.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer is almost Over!!!!!!

We are getting ready for school again. There seems to be some question as to when it starts, but it will be this month. It is time to take the kids to buy new uniforms as they will be going to a different school this year and the uniforms will be not the same. Perla and Alejandra have been doing school work over the summer to improve for the coming school year. Things at the house are good. The girls are acting like a real family now, including the sibling rivalries so prevalent with kids.

We were able to get the girls to the dentist this summer. They had their teeth cleaned and three of them had cavities. With the help of The Baja Good Life Club, the Cuba Gooding Sr. fundraiser and the generosity of Dr. Jason and his wife, we now have four children with, according to Dr. Jason, some of the best teeth in San Felipe. He was surprised how clean their teeth were when they came in for their exams, saying that it was due to their routine at home. We have Lupita to thank for the discipline.

We are planning a fundraiser for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Sept.4th, from 7:30 - 11:30 at Los Arcos Restaurant by the arches. If you want tickets please e-mail Carol at casadefecarol@gmail.com . The tickets are $10.00. We are planning more fundraisers this year such as a breakfast or luncheon at the beginning of each month as well as different projects to raise money. If you have any ideas please let us know as we are always open to new possibilities.

Monday, August 8, 2011


It’s been a good summer. The older girls completed their summer program and the kids had a dance and drama show for the parents. They worked very hard at getting the right clothes for the drama “Profesor Don Ramon” and getting the lines right. They also practiced their Hindu dance at home in the evenings. This was a huge blessing for Carol while she was taking care of the kids; it really gave them something to focus on. We go out early in the morning to water the landscaping and just before dark to let the kids run around before they go in for their showers. Thanks to several of our friends we are developing a network of swimming pools to go to on the weekends or evenings. We have 2-3 weeks before the older girls go back to school so we’ll be swimming as much as we can.
TIA IS BACK!!!! Lupita returned on the 29th of July. She had a great time but she confessed she “missed her kids” much of the time. She had a good time with her family, especially her 87 yr old Papa. Like most people though, she needed to rest from her vacation when she got home.
It has been a hot summer and as soon as August came around it has been over 100* everyday, but thankfully not too humid. The bad part about this is having to run the AC. It is on all day & night in the living room & kitchen and the bedrooms at night. We’re holding our breath for the next month’s bill. Since we are charged a commercial rate, last month was over $300 and we only used the AC ½ of the time. We have talked with everyone in charge and there is NO discount for anyone for electricity. We are also going to be buying the every year uniforms and school supplies. We’ve been blessed with people helping with some of the supplies but the uniforms and shoes are something we have to buy again. We are blessed to have you helping us help the girls.