Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tires for FUN!

Summer has arrived and the girls are enjoying their vacation. With a generous donation from 2 friends here in San Felipe we have enrolled the two older girls in a program put on by the Municipality in the new library. Daily they have an art class, drama and music. These are all things that these two excel at.

We have also added to our playground with a donation of used tractor and truck tires from El Dorado HOA and a local llantera, Llantera Aguilar. We had paint left from the swing set and it gives the girls another part to help with exercise and coordination. It also makes a great landmark when giving directions, the locals are gawking as they drive by. I think we are the only ones with a playground like this in the area.

All of the girls will be going to see Dr. Jason Arias Corpus, a local dentist who is giving Casa de Fe and another Casa Hogar from Valle de Trinidad a deal on cleaning all of their teeth and evaluating what other work needs to be done. We know 3 girls have small cavities and that the oldest, Perla, will need braces to help with her teeth.

Our house Tia, Lupita Perez, has taken three weeks to go to a family reunion/ Quinceanera in the state of Mexico. We originally thought it was for 1-2 weeks but by the time things solidified it was 3 weeks. On the trip to her house last Friday she was saying how she felt like she was leaving her kids behind and almost didn’t go. We feel good that she is going to enjoy her family and are enjoying being with the girls, especially Carol. Thanks to our friends here in San Felipe for helping fill the gaps when Bill has to go to Mexicali.

This is our most expensive time of year with the power for the AC and extra water keeping the landscaping going. If you can, any donation you can make would be appreciated. Also, if you can help us expand our circle of friends it would really be appreciated. The larger the circle of support the less each of us needs to help. We are working everyday make our home more efficient, but some things can’t be changed.

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