Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting and Finishing Projects

We are fortunate to have our renowned artist friend, Louis Cogley, do some extraordinary murals in the living room of Casa de Fe. Because Louis is so busy it is a work in progress but it's a true blessing to see the work in different stages of completion and the finished product is beautiful.

We are finishing our swing set and playground. The original design was approved and funds donated by the Lions Club of San Felipe. Upon closer planning for the use of 8 children the playground equipment was expanded to accommodate more children than the pre-made set would accommodate. Additional improvement materials were supplemented by Home Depot. The other photo is of the bird feeders the girls made and painted.

We were blessed by a food donation from Lion’s Club of $1000
credit for food at La Vaquita III market. This is such a better way for donations to be made in that everyone knows exactly what their donations are being used for. We are also receiving food donations from people leaving town for the summer. Many people don’t want to leave food sitting in a hot house for 3-5 months they are gone and it greatly supplements our food budget when they donate it to us. We are blessed with your support and cannot thank you enough for your donations.

This week it seems that summer has arrived and we are now in the season for air conditioning.
Our electric bill will triple by August, making this our most important expense. We ask that you help us by talking with your families and friends to expand our circle of support. If everyone could let us know about 5 people who would like to follow our progress and offer support it would help us more than you can imagine. If we can get out to enough people it will be easy for people to help us with $15 - $50 dollars and have that accumulate to cover our expenses.

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